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Circus Club

Now in person in Melton.

Improve your coordination, confidence and have a lot of fun!

Learn juggling, hula hooping, plate turning, staff spinning, poi and clowning, safely from experienced circus trainers.

Circus Club caters for ages 5-18.

We host skill specific sessions suitable to your children’s ages and interests.

In past years, our talented Circus Club families have previously performed at the Dream Big Festival, Dream Big Schools’ Show, Djerriwarrh parade, Platypus Festival and the Village Festival!

In the interest of safe online practices for children we ask that you stay within eye and earshot of your child(ren) while they participate – you might even find you want to join in yourself!

Please bring a water bottle, and a snack if you need it.

Some of the circus equipment we use includes:

Juggling Balls / Bean Bags

You can use store-bought juggling balls or make your own!

There are tutorials below on how you can make juggling balls out of balloons and rice.


Poi are balls on strings, or ‘sock poi’ are balls inside fabric tubes (these are easier to learn with).

Poi originates from New Zealand where the indigenous Maori people used them to increase the flexibility and strength in their hands and arms, as well as improving coordination.

Hula Hooping

 If you have a hula hoop at home we have some snazzy tricks for you to learn.

Our Circus Club has a lot of avid hula hoopers.

Staff twirling & stick Manipulation

For a make-shift staff you can use a stick (with minimal sharp parts), a broom handle, or a roll of wrapping paper. Even an umbrella will suffice.

Plate Turning

Not to be confused with plate spinning! Plate turning involves the manipulation of 1, 2 or 3 plates.

You can use any non-breakable plate with some weight in it (paper plates don’t work so well). Metal camping plates work best but you can also use plastic plates.